How do I configure a replication job?

Before we configure a replication job you will need to click on 'Bucket Replication' option on the Wasabi Console to get redirected to the WCSM portal. You will need to be logged in as root user.

Then, there are a couple of steps involved in setting up replication jobs.

A. Adding your Wasabi Account credentials

You will need a valid set of access key and secret access key to add your Wasabi account to the WCSM portal.

Note - Please ensure the user associated with these keys has AmazonS3FullAccess permissions.

1. Click on the Wasabi logo to select Wasabi.

2. Enter a valid set of Access Key and Secret Key, and a Name for the Account. Click Apply to submit.


The Dashboard tab will now show the newly added Wasabi account, confirming it has been successfully added to the WCSM Account.


Once you have your Wasabi account added to the WCSM portal, you can begin configuring bucket to bucket replication jobs by clicking on the Replication tab.

B. Configuring Replication jobs

Note - You need to create the new replica buckets BEFORE configuring replication jobs. New buckets can be created through the Wasabi Console.

1. On the Replication page, select the Source Account and Source Bucket, and then select the Destination Account and Destination Bucket. 


Note - If you want to copy all existing data from the source bucket to the destination bucket, check the Copy Existing data option. For large buckets, please contact Wasabi Support to perform the seed data replication for you.

Note - If you would like to synchronize deletions from source bucket to the destination replica bucket check the Sync Deleted objects box. By default it is not enabled.

2. Hit Confirm Sync to submit.

At this point the replication job is activated. Any NEW data uploaded to the source bucket from this point on will automatically be replicated to the destination replica bucket.





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