How do I use the Date Picker in the Wasabi Account Control Manager?

Introduced in the May, 2022 update, the new Single-Day Date Picker module in the Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) ( allows users to select daily utilization records. This module is available for Control Accounts and Governance users on the main Sub-Account tab and on an individual Sub-Account’s bucket tab. Governance users can also find this module on the Control Account tab to see Total Sub-Account storage on a daily basis, per Control Account. 



Sub-Account Tab

In the Sub-Account tab, you can specify a specific date when viewing Sub-Account utilization data.


Individual Sub-Account Buckets tab

In the Buckets tab at the Sub-Account level, you can select the date which you wish to view bucket utilization data for. The only Buckets that will appear in that list are those that were active on that specific day or still have a countdown on Timed Deleted Storage left after the Bucket was deleted.   Screen_Shot_2022-06-28_at_6.43.01_PM.png


Control Account Tab (Only available to Governance users) 

As a Governance user, in the Control Account tab you can specify the specific date for which you would like to view account data.



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