How do I hide Invoices in the Wasabi Account Control Manager?

Introduced in the May, 2022 update, the new “Can View Sub-Invoices” Toggle in the Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) ( allows Governance Admin and Staff users to turn off the standard “Invoices” tab for Control Accounts. The purpose of this toggle is to enable Governance users to make Wasabi Pay-Go pricing invisible. This feature is available in the Control Account’s Account tab.

Showing and Hiding invoices when requesting a new Control Account:

Please make the request to your Wasabi sales rep during the quoting process if you would like your next Control Account to have invoices hidden.

Showing and Hiding invoices for existing Control Accounts:

It is possible for Governance users to hide Invoices for existing Control Accounts. 

  1. On the Wasabi Account Control Manager landing page, click on the Control Account you wish to make changes to.
  2. Navigate to the “Account” tab.

  3. Scroll down to the “Account Management API” section.

  4. You will see the toggle for “Can View Sub-Invoices.

Example view for a Control Account with this feature enables vs disabled:

With “Can View Sub-Invoices” selected:


With “Can View Sub-Invoices de-selected:


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