How do I check the status of my replication jobs?

WCSM provides the following ways to monitor your replication job status and address any failures -

1. Dashboard - Recent Transfers

On the Dashboard tab itself, at the bottom will be the Recent Transfers section which displays the last 20 replication job cycles that were executed. See example screenshot below -



2. Replication - Status

On the Replication tab, at the bottom where the Scheduled Replication jobs are listed you can note the following information -


Created Date/Time

Last Executed

Sync Delete setting

Status - The Replication job cycles will have one of the following states explained below -

  • Completed - Latest Replication job cycle was Completed
  • Processing - WCSM is processing the bucket log files from source bucket
  • Transferring - WCSM is now transferring data to replica bucket
  • NoChange - WCSM completed processing the bucket log files and there is no changes. Buckets are in sync.
  • Faulted - Replication job is blocked due to an error. For more information, move cursor near the information bubble.

Active toggle - You can toggle a job to be inactive or active using this setting.

Delete - You can delete a replication job by clicking on this option.


3. Replication History

On the Replication page at the bottom there is a Replication History button, see screenshot below -


Clicking this button will take you to the Transfer history page which lists all available stats on historical replication job cycles.



4. Retry Failed Files / Download Failed Files Report

As you can see from the screenshot above you can re-attempt to replicate any failed files that occurred during a replication job cycle by simply clicking on the Retry Failed Files button. You may want to review the Failed files report by clicking on the Download Failed Files button first.

This report downloads a spreadsheet which lists the Object keys, Size and Error encountered when attempting to replicate. This can be helpful to determine why some objects may not have been replicated.


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