Wasabi White Label URL - FAQ

With Wasabi, it is possible to White Label your Service URL to a custom subdomain address that points to the Wasabi Service URL in a particular region. This feature is most often used by partners who in turn have end users of their own.

To qualify to use this white label capability, you must be a registered Wasabi partner via the Wasabi Partner Network Program Portal. Please contact the Wasabi Partner team for more info on this process.

Note: Please reference our Service URLs Article for information about Wasabi Regions and their respective Service URLs. Most of the examples below reference Wasabi's "us-east-1" and "us-west-1" regions, however, you are welcome to White Label any Wasabi region.


1. What is the process for generating a White Label URL?

1.1 CSR Generation

  • After the Quote and Purchase Order are finalized, we will need information about your organization in order to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
  • Certificate Information Required.
    • Certificate Signing Request ORG Information (with Examples): 
      • Wasabi Region: us-east-1
      • Fully-qualified domain name(s) (CN): s3.us-east-1.example.com
      • Country name - 2-letter code (C): US
      • State, not abbreviated (ST): Massachusetts
      • Locality, city name (L): Boston
      • Organization Name, legally registered name (O): Company Name
      • Optional: Org Unit, department name (OU): Department Name
  • Please copy/paste the above, replacing the examples with your organization info. To expedite the process, you can include this in your request to turn on White Labeling.

1.2. Certificate Signing

  • We will generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) based on your organization's information, and then send this CSR to you. You will need to have this CSR signed by your Certificate Authority (CA) of choice.
    • This process typically involves uploading the CSR to your CA and receiving a certificate file, or bundle in return.
  • Once you have the signed certificate, send it back to us in the following format:

Note: Wasabi only accepts certificates where Wasabi has generated the Private Key. This means you cannot generate your own certificate/private key and then send it to Wasabi.

    • A single x.509 certificate in PEM format for the wildcard DNS, with all intermediate and root certs bundled in the proper order. 
    • The filename must be the domain name that has been requested, with “.crt” as the extension,
      • Example: s3.us-east-1.example.com.crt

1.3 What type of certificate will I need?

  • You will need a minimum Wildcard Certificate that accepts a SAN minus the wildcard.
    • For Example:
      CN: *.s3.example.com
      SAN: s3.example.com

1.4 Certificate Deployment

  • Once you have sent us your signed certificate, we will then deploy it in the Wasabi location you have selected. You can expect an email or ticket update to confirm that the certificate has been validated and deployed.

2. How should I set up my DNS records?

You should have two CNAME records created with your DNS registrar. Each will point to the Wasabi Service URL for the region you wish to White Label.

Whitelabel URL Details:

    • Your Domain: example.com
    • Your Service URL: s3.us-east-1.example.com
    • Your Wildcard URL: *.s3.us-east-1.example.com
    • Your Wasabi Region URL: s3.us-east-1.wasabisys.com

Example CNAME Records:

    • CNAME 1: s3.us-east-1.example.com -> s3.us-east-1.wasabisys.com
    • CNAME 2: *.s3.us-east-1.example.com -> s3.us-east-1.wasabisys.com

White Label URL – Domain Guidelines:

1. A White Label URL cannot be a root domain on its own (e.g., <mydomain>.com).The exception to this is if your DNS Provider supports CNAME Flattening.

2. A White Label URL must be a virtual host in one of the following formats: 

      • s3.<mydomain>.com
      • s3.<region>.<mydomain>.com
      • <region>.<mydomain>.com
      • <custom>.<mydomain>.com

3. Two-part TLDs (e.g., s3.<mydomain>.co.uk) are not currently supported.


3. Can I White Label the Wasabi Management Console? (console.wasabisys.com)

It is not possible to White Label the Wasabi Management Console itself. Typically partners handle the provisioning and billing of Wasabi storage for the end user. As such, the end user will never need to access the Wasabi Management Console, instead interacting with their buckets via a third-party application or portal provided by the partner.


4. Can I White Label Wasabi desktop clients such as Wasabi Explorer?

Wasabi-branded desktop clients (such as Wasabi Explorer) cannot be white labeled.  Several of the leading client applications for S3-style storage do support white labeling for a fee.  Examples include MSP360 (Cloudberry Lab), ExpanDrive, and Mountain Duck. Please contact these vendors for details on their capabilities in this area. 


5. How long does it take to deploy White Label URLs?

Generally, this process takes just a few days, sometimes up to a week.


6. What URL should be used as the Endpoint URL in applications?

You should use the bare subdomain when filling in an application "Endpoint URL" 

Example: s3.us-east-1.mydomain.com


7. Why do I need a wildcard address (for example: *.s3.example.com)?

S3 supports multiple methods of accessing a bucket. One of those methods is virtual host style, meaning the bucket name will preface the URL. For your applications to work, you must support both path style and virtual host style.

Wildcard Certificates protect only the subdomain they are located on, not any further subdomains. For example, a certificate of *.example.com will not protect my-bucket.s3.example.com. In this case, You must purchase a Wildcard Certificate for *.s3.example.com.

Example Customer Bucket Endpoint URL:

  • Your Domain: example.com
  • Your Service Wildcard URL: *.s3.example.com
  • Customer Bucket Name: my-bucket
  • Customer Bucket Endpoint URL: my-bucket.s3.example.com


8. Can I use this certificate and wildcard subdomain for other services?

This is not recommended, as you will not have control over the bucket names your users set. The wildcard domain should be used exclusively for your Wasabi White Label service.


9. Can I use the same URL for multiple regions?

Each region must have its own White Label URL, CSR generation, and Certificate Deployment.

Example Multiple Region White Label URL:

  • Wasabi Region 1: us-east-1
    • Your Domain: example.com
    • Your Service URL: s3.us-east-1.example.com
    • Your Service Wildcard URL: *.s3.us-east-1.example.com
  • Wasabi Region 2: us-west-1
    • Your Domain: example.com
    • Your Service URL: s3.us-west-1.example.com
    • Your Service Wildcard URL: *.s3.us-west-1.example.com
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