WACM Connect FAQs

WACM Connect enables Wasabi Account Control Manager customers a self-service way to generate an API Key and perform GET requests to retrieve data about their customers. This is different from the WAC API but leverages the same data found inside the WAC API.


Below are several FAQs pertaining to the Wasabi Connect:

1. What is WACM Connect?

WACM Connect is a RESTful API that allows for the following functions:

  • Query utilization of sub-accounts both at summary account level and bucket level.
  • Query invoices of sub-accounts
  • Query current utilization of control accounts
  • Filter the responses with a wide range of parameters


2. How do I get started using  WACM Connect?

WACM Connect is available to all WACM Customers. You can Generate an API Key by logging in to WACM and going to “My Profile”. 

If you are not a WACM Customer and  are interested in signing up for WACM, please contact your Sales Account representative or email sales@wasabi.com


3. Where can I find the API guide?

Here is a link to the WACM Connect API Guide.


4. Can I create or delete Sub-Accounts using WACM Connect?

No. At this time, WACM Connect is a read-only API designed for retrieving data. If you would like the capability of creating new Sub-Accounts programmatically, you will need access to the Wasabi Account Control API. Only way to list all the sub-accounts created is by performing GET /v1/accounts operation via your existing Wasabi 


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