How do I reinstate Suspended or Locked users in WACM?

Wasabi Account Control Manager allows Account Admin users to reinstate Suspended or Locked users. Follow the steps outlined below to reinstate a user who is Suspended or Locked.  Learn more about WACM User Statuses.


1. Log in to Wasabi Account Control Manager, then click My Profile.



2. Click the "Users" menu tab.



3. Find the user that is "Suspended" or "Locked" and then select that user.



4. Click the "Reinstate User" button. 


Note: There is a countdown timer that will inform you when the user will be reinstated automatically after 1 hour.


5. Click "Reinstate User" to confirm reinstatement. 



Note: This user was Suspended or Locked due to login failures. To prevent this from happening again, the user should reset their password using the WACM Forgot Password functionality or by an Account Admin manually changing the password.

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