What are the User Statuses in WACM?

Wasabi Account Control Manager has different User Statuses based on the state of the user. See below to learn about the types of User Statuses and their meaning.


Active - An "Active" user is in good standing with full access to the Wasabi Account Control Manager.

Deactivated - A "Deactivated" user can not access the Wasabi Account Control Manager. Their account has been deactivated by an Account Admin or the Wasabi Staff.

Suspended - A "Suspended" user temporarily cannot access the Wasabi Account Control Manager for one hour after three failed login attempts. After one hour, they can attempt to log in again or an Account Admin can "Reinstate" the user manually.

Locked - A "Locked" user is permanently restricted from accessing Wasabi Account Control Manager and requires an Account Admin to "Reinstate" the user.


Note: Need help reinstating a Suspended or Locked user? Learn more about Reinstating WACM Users.

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