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Does anyone validate a migration of Veeam backup data from S3 to Wasabi using Wasabi-Cloud-Sync ?
Backups with versionning and immutuability.





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    Hi Quentin,

    Thank you for your question in the Community forum, and for following up with our response to your inquiry. I can confirm that with Object Locking enabled for immutable backups through Veeam, the retention metadata would not be replicated to the destination bucket through WCSM. For those reasons, we recommend not using WCSM as a replication tool for immutable buckets.

    Please feel free to reach out to us anytime at support@wasabi.com for any further questions or concerns.

  • The answer that I received from Wasabi for those who might be interested:

    "WCSM can replicate any type of data whether it is from a standard bucket or Object Locked bucket, however Veeam backup application requires the Object Lock settings to be applied and corresponding data to be uploaded through the Veeam application itself. Hence, at the moment it is not recommended to use WCSM to replicate Veeam data to an Object Lock bucket.

    You can replicate Veeam data to a standard bucket without hitting any incompatibilities."



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