.NET library for wasabi?

Any recommendation on .NET libraries to interact with wasabi?

I'm aware of AWS's official SD SDK, is that the best choice?



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    Hi Brian,

    Regarding your question on .NET libraries to interact with Wasabi, we recommend using the official AWS SDK as it supports almost everything you will need. However, we understand that there may be some API calls not implemented by the SDK, even with features in AWS S3.
    If you encounter any missing methods, we would be happy to assist you with their implementation. To create a support ticket for this, please send us an email at . Our support team will promptly assist you with any further queries or concerns you may have.

  • One reason not to use AWS's library is it seems wasabi has some additional features (e.g. bucket renaming) that I expect not to be covered by the AWS library.

    nsoftware have a cloud library with presumably full support for wasabi, but it's $500, which is a little high for my budget.


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