Configuring cloudberry group policies

Is there away to configure cloudberry drive in windows group policies for user or user group permissions. I don’t want to set it up configured for all users with the same credentials.  I am running a multi tenant RDS services and would like to set permissions to the bucket folders at the ou level.   Other wise I would need to login as each user to setup the drive.
This roadblock is the only thing preventing me from leveraging wasabi storage, saving us thousands $$$$$$ a month.    Any advice or PS scripts would be helpful.  



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    Hello Robert,

    Thanks for posting! Yes, you can achieve bucket level separation for users, or groups of users, like shown in this article here.  Using any Cloudberry/MSP360 application(s), separating access at the folder level within a bucket would not likely be possible, but you can separate access at the bucket level.  Using the aforementioned article/guide, you can create IAM policies to allow access to a specified bucket.  You can attach the policy to a single user, or, add many users to a group and attach the policy to the group.  If you have further questions/concerns on setting this up, please reach out to us at



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