Data migration from filebase to wasabi

I would like to migrate data from filebase sia bucket (s3 compatible) to wasabi.
The bucket size is only a few TB, but the number of objects is over 36 million.
I would like to know how to do this quickly.



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    Hi There,

    Thank you for posting your question on our community forum.

    Wasabi has worked with many tools that are capable of supporting migration operations. The easiest way to go about moving/migrating your data would be to use one of the migration tools that is mentioned in the below link, however, these are 3rd party services and do charge per GB transferred. I also want you to verify if the file share Sia bucket supports these tools and pick the right one.

    LINK: What cloud-to-cloud migration tools does Wasabi recommend?

    NOTE: I would also recommend reaching out to our WCSM team via WCSM Questionnaire here ( for any possible migration using Wasabi's own tools.

    If you have further questions/concerns about setting this up, please reach out to us at

    Wasabi Technical Support

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