Unable to upload object using S3 php client

Hi, I created an account and I currently have trial access. I wanted to upload files to bucket using S3 PHP client. 1. I created a bucket 2. Created a group 3. Created a user with programmatic access and assigned him the group and read-only write-only policy and downloaded the keys. 4. I put in wrong bucket region in my client and it showed the error that my region is wrong and I corrected it, this was to test my keys. 5. Now when I send an upload request to upload/put object in the bucket, it gives me an error saying that public access to objects/bucket is not allowed and I should contact support. The issue is I am uploading the file and not accessing it publicly. I'm not sure why I am getting this error? I wanted to try out wasabi before I could recommend it to client but this error is getting me nowhere.


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    Hi Ali,


    Thank you for posting your question on our community forum. 

    AWS SDK for PHP v2 is validated for use with Wasabi and I have attached the Knowledge-Based article below for your reference which mentions the five basic operations to test. Having said that, concerning your issue, we need to take a closer look at your configurations and the commands used. Please reach out to our Technical support team at support@wasabi.com with your account ID, bucket, request ID, etc. if available and we will enable you with your needs.

    KB article link: How do I use AWS SDK for PHP with Wasabi?

    Wasabi Technical Support      

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