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I am in the process of cleaning up our buckets. Now i want to delete a bucket, but it won't allow me because object lock is enabled. How to disable the object locking so that I can delete the bucket?






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    Hi Christopher,

    Thank you for posting your question on our community forum. 

    Users will be able to delete the object-locking bucket only when all the objects inside that bucket are successfully passed out of the retention and either Wasabi or the Root account holder cannot delete these buckets as they have legal hold. We could help you assess the bucket on the longest retained object and the time you can delete this object-locking bucket etc. Additionally, we could run Python scripts or use Postman against this bucket to prune the objects that have completed the retention period. Please reach out to us at support@wasabi.com for further assistance. 


    How do I find the longest Retention Period I have in my Object Lock Bucket?
    How do I mass delete current and non-current objects inside a bucket?


    Wasabi Technical Support    

  • Thanks @GowthamKamireddi.



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