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Hey guys, is there any way to get a PDF for the whole Wasabi documentation? I've seen for several products that you can go through the documentation and you get a PDF always after the last subjects, but I can't seem to find it in here. Let me know. Thanks in advance!



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    There is no way to download the PDF file of the whole documentation.

    But you can download the PDF of the specific items.

    For example, when on the Getting Started item of WASABI CLOUD STORAGE (Console) item the PDF icon is clicked, it downloads a PDF with information on that item:


  • Hi Breiner,

    Thank you for posting your question on our community forum.

    In addition to the documentation we have provided in the response above, Wasabi has a Resources tab on our official website with all the required information and also comprises eGuides that would allow you to download as PDFs. I have attached the link for it below and I would also recommend the Wasabi Knowledge Base to find guidance for specific S3 applications and features.




    If you have any further questions or doubts, please reach out to us at


    Wasabi Technical Support

  • Hello Alexander and Gowtham,

    I want to thank you both for your answers, pretty helpful information actually.

    Have a good day you both!


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