Veeam backup job don't work. Veeam zip ok

Hello, I added my Wasabi repository to Veeam without difficulty.

When I configure a Backup Job or a Backup Copy job targeting this repository, the job fails with the message 'Invalid Credentials.'

WeeamZip  work with the same repository.

I use Veeam 12



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    Hi Aurelien,

    Thank you for posting your question on our community forum.

    "Invalid Credentials" indicate that your access key and/or secret key (Creating a Wasabi API Access Key Set) is misconfigured in your Veeam application. Or the user you have configured to work with Veeam does not have the s3:ListAllMyBuckets permission. 

    LINK: How do I use Veeam with Wasabi?


    If you have further questions/concerns about configuring the backup job in Veeam, please reach out to us at


    Wasabi Technical Support


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